Movies We've Reviewed

In case you're new to Firestones on Film, here is a list of every post we've done so far in alphabetical order. There are movies and miscellaneous.

Amadeus (Oscar Week)
American History X (Actors' Month) 
Beauty and the Beast
Blue Valentine
Broadway Melody (Oscar Week)
Casablanca (Oscar Week)
The Cell 
Crash (Oscar Week)
The Dark Knight (Actors' Month) 
Eat, Pray, Love
The English Patient/Titanic/Shakespeare in Love/American Beauty (Oscar Week)
The East
The Great Gatsby (2013)
High School Musical (Manic Monday Movie)
In the Heat of the Night (Oscar Week) 
It Happened One Night (Oscar Week)
Legally Blonde (Manic Monday Movie)
Le Samouraï
Like Crazy
Minority Report 
Mysterious Skin (Actors' Month) 
Now You See Me
Ocean's Eleven/Penelope (Manic Monday Movie)
Ordinary People
Poltergeist (Halloween Weekend)
The Princess Bride (Manic Monday Movie)
Psycho II
Rear Window (Halloween Weekend)
The Rocky Horror Picture (Halloween Weekend) 
Rubber (Weird Wednesday)
Shaun of the Dead (Halloween Weekend)
Shutter Island
Slumdog Millionaire (Oscar Week)
The Social Network 
The Town (Janni's Version)
The Town (Lizzi's Version)
A Town Called Panic (Weird Wednesday)
True Grit (1969 and 2010)  
Vanilla Sky
Waiting for Guffman (Manic Monday Movie)
Waiting for Superman 
When Harry Met Sally/No Strings Attached

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