Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Stellar cast with solid performances all around. Glamour and spectacle are really sold to you with this latest screen adaptation of the famous novel. Well, maybe not sold. More like 'flung at' or 'pounded into.' Bright lights and beautiful decorations with sweeping shots, but what's underneath it all? Not much.

I felt as though the movie was continuously screaming at me. This is important! Pay attention to me! Did you catch that symbolism?! How about now?! It seemed like anything and everything was done to keep me engaged. A character is typing on a typewriter while narrating? Too boring. Let's make the type appear on the screen and fade away while we zoom in on his tortured face.

Stop. Just stop.

But it wouldn't stop. Almost two and a half hours for a story that would've taken thirty minutes. Maybe the original story doesn't have this problem or maybe it does but either way, this movie isn't good.


  1. I am disappointed. The novel was brilliant and terrifying. Aye, it (the novel) had loads of symbolism, but symbolism is meant to subtly influence the mind, not slap the reader/watcher across the face.